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Fit for Life

Personal Training

Just getting started?  After a thorough health assessment Core will design a program that suits your lifestyle and goals.  You will learn proper training technique in a variety of exercise modes and will learn how to avoid injury.  Exercise should be enjoyable and building fun into a program is important.

Experienced?  An assessment will help us to know at what level to begin the program.  Custom programming with hands on time in the gym will help you further develop the technique and skills you need to achieve your goals.

Sports conditioning & flexibility training

Having both sports conditioning and flexibility specialties allows me to incorporate specific activities that will further develop your balance, agility, core and ability to be explosive for skills such as braking.


I started out a runner.  Was forced into cycling as cross training due to an injury.  I fell in love with cycling and now my running friends say I'm a runner and my cycling friends say I'm a cyclist.  I am passionate about riding and I want to ignite your passion, too.  Everything from safety on the road and the trails to etiquette to gear to the gadgets that are available.  Let's work together to get you rolling!

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