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Some specific coaching topics

This is a short list of ideas; options are endless!

Getting unstuck/Decision Making/Achieving

Simplifying​/Organizing​/Free time

Life coaches are partners.

I facilitate change.  Think of me as your motivation and accountability partner.  I am an objective outsider who is focused on what's next for you.  I use a simple process:

  • Understand the challenge

  • Define clear goals

  • Create a plan

  • Implement

  • Adapt the plan as you learn from your progress​

Virtual coaching

Over 15 years experience working remotely with geographically dispersed international teams provides me with the skills to effectively provide coaching services virtually.

Kitchen refreshyou will be amazed at how good it feels to prepare and enjoy healthy food once your kitchen is re-organized.  We will tackle your refrigerator and snack shelves first!  Maybe that's all it will take?  If not then we will re-org the rest of the kitchen.

Room de-clutterchoose a room and let's get at it! Purging and organizing just one room can help you create good habits.  The biggest hurdle for most people is in making the decision to get rid of things.  One of the best remedies:  an outsider!

Time management: A question I am asked at least once per week:  You get more done by 8am then I get done all day-how do you do it?  I understand my priorities, I allocate time and I follow my plan.  Sounds simple?  If it was simple then everyone would be great at it!  Get more out of your day and have energy for the fun stuff.

Life skills for childrenWe hear it all the time--kids today don't have the basic skills!  Well, let's help them along before they are thrown into life.  You might be thinking "isn't this my job as a parent?" and okay, I can see why you would say that.  But does it mean YOU  have to do it?  It's your job to make sure they are prepared for life but it takes a village to prepare them.  We will customize a curriculum for your needs.  Contact me for curriculum ideas.

PromotionAre you looking to earn a promotion?  Knowing what you want, communicating it and executing a plan are key to achieving your goals.

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